Friday, 7 October 2016


I have been working on and off this candle label design for REALLY LONG TIME!!
At first, I liked the simplicity of design, but after then, I started to dislike about it. 

It is too quiet... nothing noticeable, nothing special about it. 

So I stopped working with this personal project.. 
but I can't give up forever. 
I have to figure this out. 
sigh sigh struggle damn it! 

I got a request from my work to make a poster about their event.
The purpose of this poster is to let all the people at work know about this event, 
and make them to apply it. 

Main color theme for this poster is related to company's logo 
,which are lime green and ultra marin blue.

As my main duty is designing layouts for their magazine, 
this kind of work request refreshes my brain. 

[spot illustration]