Thursday, 29 September 2011

Teatime pot

I made this 3years ago.
I really like this pot.
However, I didn't get it back from school.
So I guess the tea gentleman with cute bunny are gone.

hard worker doggy

This is the first final project since i became a 3rd year student :)
It is a visual strategies assignment. 
The assignment was hearing strangers' conversation and interpret that conversation.
This final makes me sad because I don't like it. 
I was so eager to make the first assignment looking good,
but I got rejected my idea for 4 times from my instructor, 
so I was kinda lose that the eagerness of making this good.
I should  put myself to this more but somehow I couldn't.

My conversation was:
"Have you met him?"
"Yeah,  He is so cool!"
" I know , he is  such a hard worker as well."

Mixed media
Size: 10" X 12"