Friday, 24 February 2012

"Fraud" illustration
(mixed media/27"X 13")

Three connected stories about nigerian fraud illustration
A bird which is supposed to fly with other birds but 
he sees warms on a surface and comes down to eat.
Because of the little greed, he is eaten by another bird,pelican.
Normally, bird don't eat other bird.
but I made pelican eating bird because the scammer is also human as we are.
so I made different type of bird but still same kind.

I am happy with it:)

Thursday, 23 February 2012

~bird birdy bird~ 

Business card design

I wanted to make a simple and clean business card.
I was going to go for the last one which has big image, 
but it looks like a postcard when I printed out.
so I went for the smaller image one.
It might not look good for others but I like the way it is.
I might change it for real business,
but so far I like it.
I am not supposed to do diecut on the edges,
but these are things I keep for myself.
so I DID IT ANYWAY!!!!! 

Friday, 3 February 2012

recipe for Inspiration
(acrylic and mixed media, 8"X10")

Interior design in Sheridan college

I was given one department of program in Sheridan college,
and mine was Interior design.
Here are my different color versions of poster,and my final project.
I wish I made INTERIOR DESIGN more bleed off.