Monday, 3 June 2013

personal project while watching "I want to know it",
which is Korean criminal documentary show.
It is about crazy rich woman(A) who owns 
one of the biggest company in Korea hired 
people to kill her cousin's daughter(B), 
just because of A's assumption of B
having affair with her son in law, which is totally 
not true. However, A is so obsessed to her assumption,
A hired five people to follow B every single day 
and report back B's single movement  to her.
One day, B was missing. She has been missing for 5 days, and 
was found dead. There were 6 holes on B's body. 
Police said that somebody shot her with air gun. 
Police found that it was A's behaviour, but A was in denial for a while. 
but finally, police put her in jail.

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